Blockchain Solutions



We provide hardware and infrastructure for securing blockchain networks.

Our mining-as-a-service (“MaaS”) offering allows anyone to benefit from the rewards of cryptocurrency mining without the technical know-how or time commitment. Our current solutions are focused on the Helium Network, where we deploy our own LoRaWan hotspots at various locations across North America to provide network coverage. Many of our solutions are 100% sustainable, utilizing LTE data networks and solar energy to create fully autonomous deployments of Helium hotspot miners.

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We provide and manage infrastructure for many decentralized Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”) blockchain networks by running nodes, and actively participating in network operations like voting, block creation and validation.

For performing these network operations, we earn participatory rewards.

Our staking-as-a-service (aka validation as a service) offerings provide our infrastructure, services and expertise to individuals and enterprises, allowing them to earn rewards similar to a savings account without a large upfront capital investment, or ongoing management. Key features of our staking-as-a-service, include

Key features

Key features


99.5% uptime

Real time analytics & Reporting

Redundancy, with nodes
distributed globally

Low cost


Current POS blockchains for which we’re offering services, include:

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