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Combining the latest green technology with the future of blockchain, telecommunications and security, we deploy remote solar and related renewable energy infrastructure to ensure we’re always using sustainable resources to provide secure and robust solutions. Anywhere that anything in North America needs to access a network, we can, we have, and we are making it possible with renewable energy.

Using clean technologies, we create self-sustaining power to run telecommunications infrastructure, security cameras, lights, or anything you might need in the field. Our solution eliminate the expensive, outdated and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators which still require plug-ins to run their power.


Helping Our Partners Reduce Their Footprints Beyond Zero

We’re committed to sustainability beyond what our own company and customers produce. We’re committed to going much farther than reducing our carbon footprints to zero - we want to actively reduce CO2 already in the atmosphere.

To do this, we have focused solutions related to Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies, to include buying and locking up CO2 emissions permits, then purchasing CDR from approved enterprises on behalf of our clients. Doing business in this way allows carbon removal technologies to ramp up, further decreasing the cost and increasing their overall effectiveness.

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