Rent Out Your Underutilized Roofspace (or Poles) To Become A Part Of The Solution


Your Unused Space

Opportunity Overview

As the need for continuous, reliable and inexpensive data grows for Smart Cities and connected devices, a new opportunity awaits your business. LDGR is seeking partners who are willing to rent out small areas of their roof space to us so that we can install hotspots and increase the access that everyone has to the largest public LoRaWAN network, the Helium Network.

The obvious advantage for your company is that you can consistently bring in extra money for renting out space that’s otherwise yielding no returns. Additionally, as the Helium Network grows you can reap the benefits of the network itself.

How it Works:

• We purchase hotspot equipment, then install on roofs (or large poles, or even trees)

• Installations are small, non-penetrating, and non-permanent and can be removed at anytime

• Rooftop footprint is typically 3x3x5 (L x W x H)

• If there is no electrical access, hotspots can be installed with a small solar panel

• Cancel anytime

• In exchange for a small footprint on a roof, property owners receive a monthly revenue share


The Helium Network

Leveraging the Helium network to connect IoT devices allows you to easily manage and protect your commercial or industrial property with various solutions, including:

Security Monitoring

Remotely control and record to protect your assets

Water Leak Detection

Guard against mold and expensive water damage

Pest Detection

Know when and where your problem areas are

Meter Auditing

Stay up to date on your energy usage

And More

As new monitoring technologies are invented, your company will be uniquely positioned to adopt and assimilate cutting-edge tech ahead of the crowd

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